What Is Digimatiq?

[Di-ji-MAH-tik] – Noun: A More Intelligent Digital Marketing Strategy

Fully custom, non-proprietary digital marketing solutions to power the growth of your business.
How We Think

A Results-Oriented Approach

Future Proof Your Digital Marketing

‘Future-proof’ your marketing efforts in order to stay ahead of a constantly evolving Internet. Not sure where to start? Our team of search marketing experts will deliver a custom action plan and execute that plan on your behalf.

Fully Own Your Website and Content

No ‘managed’ service should ever claim they own your website, domain name or content. We deliver a modern, responsive website always owned by you, content & images & all. We think your website is too important to be renting it.

Outside-The-Box Thinking

The Internet has plenty of scams and ways to waste your marketing dollars. We believe your marketing strategy should remain focused on results. We provide expert level insights into today’s trends but also know what actually works and how to implement it. We’ll be your digital marketing sherpas.

Industry Leading Analytics

We only trust data that is straight from the source to build custom reporting for your company. We rely as little as possible on dashboards and other API solutions that are easily broken and hard to fix, instead of making sure the data is verifiable and accurate. This diligence allows you to have confidence in your numbers.

Transparency In Results

We deploy state-of-the-art technology to build a cohesive lead attribution system, showing you exactly how your campaigns are performing, in real-time. All phone calls, forms and other conversions are counted and attributed according to the strategy we agree on. This allows you the confidence to make smarter management decisions.

Open Source Flexibility

Our inbound lead generation efforts are designed to ‘plug-in’ to your business using open sourced software. This unlocks virtually unlimited possibilities for customization, without interfering with what is already working. We work with your employees to make it all work and provide all the consultation needed along the way.

What We Do

Specialized Strategies For Powering The Growth Of Your Business

Who We Serve

Our Focus Is To Bring The Power Of Digital Marketing To Your Business

Digimatiq Marketing is focused on six main business types, which we have found to be highly effective when paired with a properly managed digital marketing strategy.
Dentists & Physicians

Your Potential Patients Are Looking For You Online. Are You There?

Law Firms & Attorneys

Leverage Digital Marketing To Get More Cases You Want.

Home Services

We Build Custom Inbound Lead Solutions For Multi-Location Businesses

Small Businesses

Power the growth of your business with digital marketing.

Franchise & Brand Network

We Help Create Order From Chaos In The Franchisee Marketing Ecosystem.

Ecommerce Marketing

Let us help guide you into building or expanding your ecommerce.

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6 Reasons Online Marketing Is Difficult For Doctors & Lawyers (And What To Do About It)
Efficiency is doing things right; effectiveness is doing the right things.” ― Peter Drucker, author of The Principles of Management
Doctors and lawyers with solo or small practices tend to make six overarching mistakes with respect to digital marketing that greatly increases their feeling of loss of control. Eliminate these problems and you’re pretty much guaranteed more leads with less stress.
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