In-Home Advertising Solutions

Digital advertising is a complex landscape.
Our in-home targeting tactics can help achieve your campaign's objective.

Data Targeting

Bring awareness to new customers by targeting based on interests, demographics, or purchase behaviour.

Contextual Category Targeting

Reach new audiences while they are viewing related content on specific categories of sites.

Site Targeting

Bid on the specific publishers where your clients want to be seen by targeting site lists.

CRM Onboarding & Targeting

Reach your existing customers by matching their email or phone number to their online user profile.


Increase your audience's biddable inventory, expand reporting, and create a holistic campaign.

Audio Advertising

Target audio ads to relevant geolocations and custom audiences through audio-specific publishers.


Keep your brand top of mind with customers by re-engaging your brand’s previous website visitors.

Contextual Keyword Targeting

Leverage existing keyword lists to target customers when they are viewing content containing your keywords or key phrases.

IP Address Targeting

Target geolocations as niche as buildings and reach all customers at a specific IP address.


Reach customers with engaging video creative in-app, in-stream, or in-banner.


Engage your audiences instead of disrupting the user experience with a content-focused ad format that fits seamlessly within its context.

Data Targeting

Third-party data refines the audience targeting for your digital advertising campaigns. Data targeting, which employs third-party data, allows you to build relevant and scalable custom audiences to reach your ideal customers.

What’s Data Targeting?

A tactic that lets you target based on a person’s ORACLE’ interests, demographics, purchase behavior and online behavior using third-party data.

How It Works

The Universal Catalog

The Universal Catalog provides access to leading third-party data partners. The Catalog’s powerful search capabilities will aid you in finding the most valuable customers for your digital advertising campaigns.

Data Partners

Data is gathered from trusted and validated sources to support privacy and security compliance. You'll also have access to a data hotline to assist you with the selection of data segments based on your campaign objectives.

Notes & Best Practices

  • Third-party data is available at an additional cost.
  • Third-party data can be combined with first-party data to grow the potential reach of custom audience or refine the audience.

Third-party Data

Third-party data is data aggregated and curated through outside data partners. You can use this data to gain greater insight into your target audience and enlarge the reach of your campaign. Our third-party data catalog includes:

  • 5 billion global IDs
  • $3 trillion in annual consumer spending
  • 90+ percent of U.S. households
  • 15 million domains worldwide
  • 46,000+ prebuilt audiences spanning demographic, intent-based behavioral, B2B, online, offline, and purchase data
  • 50 branded, market-leading data providers in ten key vertical markets within an intuitive catalog search


Messages are more effective when repeated. When consumers are repeatedly exposed to the same ad, it raises brand awareness, which can help you better engage potential customers throughout their decision process and create retargeting campaigns.

What's Retargeting?

A form of online advertising where ads are served to users who have previously interacted with your brand. Retargeting is an effective tactic to reach users interested in high-value or recurring products and for conversion campaigns.
Retargeting utilizes the user profiles captured by the Smart Container tag.

How It Works

In-Home Screens Retargeting

If you have a long customer acquisition funnel, in-home retargeting is an excellent way to keep in touch with users after they’ve left your website. This strategy reengages users while they’re visiting other sites across the web.

Conversion Retargeting

If you want to advertise related products or services to converted users, consider conversion retargeting as a cross-selling tactic.

Creative Asset Retargeting

With creative asset retargeting, you can target users who have engaged with one of your digital advertising campaigns.