Private Marketplace Placement (PMP)

What’s a Private Marketplace?

In a private marketplace (PMP) deal, top publishers invite select digital media buyers to bid on premium ad inventory that’s unavailable on open ad exchanges.
Marketers are tapping into private marketplaces for better control, transparency, and ad placements to achieve brand safety and viewability. Private marketplaces take the best aspects of traditional media buying and programmatic in invite-only, real-time bidding auctions that offer early access to premium ad inventory. In a private marketplace deal, you have more say over where ads appear and can rest assured inventory is coming from trusted publishers.

How It Works

Why Digimatiq

With Digimatiq, you can access a library of pre-negotiated, private marketplace deals. We work with a selection of publishers to create customized deals, with some publishers offering access to inventory within specific site sections, sub-sections, or creative formats.

Available creative formats include display, video, audio, and over-the-top television. Our pre-negotiated library details where an ad placement appears on a page or app as well as the placement’s dimensions, price floor, and geographic availability.

Notes & Best Practices

  • Private marketplace deals are a part of our third party vendor's Supported Solutions and can be implemented with the help of our Client Experience team. Reach out to us to learn more.
  • Private marketplace auctions often require participants to pay a certain floor price. We recommend increasing your bid to at least $0.10 CPM above the floor price. If you’re having trouble securing inventory, we recommend raising your bid to at least $1 above the floor CPM.
  • When leveraging a private marketplace deal, we don’t recommend layering in additional targeting tactics.
  • Keep in mind the availability and rates of inventory available for each PMP deal are subject to change. The Client Engagement team or your Strategist can check current availability on any particular deal.