Looking for a better way to work? That’s cool with us.

We are a next generation agency focused on creating effective work/life balance through optimization of our workdays. This means no required daily commutes, no office politics and professional growth at your pace. Ask us how working for Digimatiq feels like working for yourself!

Are We Hiring?

Yes & no. We are always looking for high-skilled qualified candidates to fill in-demand positions. If you possess 5+ years experience in the below skill sets, we want to talk to you.

SEO & PPC Specialists

Digimatiq Marketing is a rapidly growing digital marketing firm in search of talented individuals to work on a contractor basis. The ideal candidate should have at least 1 – 3 years of SEO or PPC experience (preferably agency or multi-client). This candidate will primarily provide services in support of our search engine marketing strategies.

Ideal Candidate:

Services Needed:

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