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Execution is everything in today’s franchise industry

In order to see success in today’s franchise industry, you need to stand out from the competition and deploy your marketing strategies in a way that nobody can replicate. This demand means building a flexible marketing system at scale, so that when the internet shifts, your business shifts along with it, while still allowing for the growth and expansion that is needed to keep the business healthy.

Achieve Massive Growth Through Repeatable Digital Marketing Strategies For Franchisees

Digimatiq helps franchises grow in a way that fits their business and needs in a custom and diligent way. We are always implementing the cutting edge features directly on your campaign, not working on fixing our own dashboard!
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The Internet promises unprecedented growth at scale, allowing businesses to quickly increase their reach or target their key customers very specifically. There are many vendors out there that can offer their software as a service, but those same vendors must update their software each time the search marketing landscape changes. Since Google alone changes their algorithm 500-600 times a year, with 1-2 major changes a year, it’s imperative that those dashboard solutions be updated in tandem.
The founders of Digimatiq believe the dashboard and SaaS solutions for digital marketing actually lose revenue for their clients, compared to if they had worked outside of another company’s proprietary system. Why? Simply because companies cannot update, change or flex their software solutions multiple times a year, and in parallel with the changing search landscape. The effect is that their clients lose out on the latest improvement, and therefore the better performance. For a SaaS provider, this means months of development cycles to test and deploy a solution. These are months in which your competition has been using the enhanced feature and grabbing impression share away from your brand.

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