Strategic Advertising Solutions

Unlock access to powerful targeting capabilities to scale and grow your campaigns. Digimatiq's Supported Solutions include several tactics that can up your digital advertising game. Reach out to our Client Experience team to learn more.

Geofencing & Geoframing

Reach customers based on precise mobile geolocation data, such as current locations or historical data.

Fraud, Brand Safety, & Viewability

Leverage pre-bid brand safety and viewability targeting to safeguard your brand against suspicious activity and achieve viewability requirements.

Custom Data Solutions

Leverage our extensive data partnerships to create a unique target audience and drive performance.

Language Browser Targeting

Create a more impactful advertising experience by targeting audiences with tailored multilingual creative to reach people in their desired language.

Dynamic Passback Tracking

Enhance reporting with variable data including revenue, order, or product SKU information.

Lookalike Modeling

Find and target consumers who mirror the behavior of your favorite first-party audience.

Device ID

Device ID targeting gives marketers a better way to leverage their first-party data and deliver an increasingly reliable and robust audience than when using cookie-based targeting.

Email Advertising

A unique, unduplicated inventory source that allows you to advertise within the newsletters of premium publishers.

Search Retargeting

Leveraging specialized data partners like Cross Pixel and Datonics, this audience-based targeting approach enables the ability to reach users based on their search queries.

Site Conquesting

Site conquesting is a competitive targeting tactic that uses the behavior of a user profile interested in your competitor’s products or services to then reach them with digital advertising.