Case Study

Elevating Healthcare E-Commerce

In response to the challenges faced by Supply Physical Therapy, Digimatiq embarked on a transformative journey, shaping a strategic approach that would redefine the company’s online presence. The year 2021 marked the inception of Supply Physical Therapy, a venture initiated by a group of business developers determined to offer a refreshing alternative to the prevailing overpriced, doctor-referral sales outlets dominating the market. Recognizing the need for robust marketing efforts, Digimatiq was enlisted to bootstrap the company’s marketing endeavors, setting the stage for an innovative strategy aimed at boosting Supply Physical Therapy’s ecommerce presence on Shopify.
The cornerstone of Digimatiq’s approach was comprehensive market research and competitive analysis. Understanding the nuances of the physical therapy market across the online sphere was paramount. Digimatiq delved into competitor listings, scrutinized pricing strategies, and analyzed customer reviews to gather insightful data. This meticulous examination laid the foundation for a robust strategy that would differentiate Supply Physical Therapy and captivate the attention of potential customers.
Digimatiq took on the immense task of launching dual sites to cover Supply’s sister company as well, making their presence online more expansive and accessible than ever before.

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