Out-Of-Home Digital Advertising Solutions

Out-of-Home (OOH) advertising refers to any form of advertising that reaches consumers while they are outside of their homes, such as billboards, transit ads, or digital screens in public spaces.

Digital Out Of Home Advertising

Campaign min budget (~1 million campaign impressions)

of US residents 16+, noticed out of home advertisements in the past month
0 %
of smartphone users took action after seeing an
OOH ad
0 %
searched for a brand online after seeing an OOH ad
0 %
of those who see a directional OOH ad immediately visit
the business
0 %

Where Performance Marketing + Brand Marketing Converge

We Utilize QR Code Technology As Well As Custom URL Parameters & Video Animation. Converge Eye-Catching Brand Visibility With Direct Actions

Brand Safe Environments

Always on. Cannot be skipped or blocked

Direct Attributions

No More ‘Anonymous’ Data Partners

Audience Trust

#1 Among Millennials and Gen Z

High Reach

90% of U.S. audiences 16+ notice an OOH ad

Omnipresent Exposure

Diverse selection of indoor and outdoor media types

Precision Targeting

By state, city, zip, and point of interest

Audience Segmentation

Including demographics, interest, behavior

Complete Control

Schedule by day of week and time of day


Change creative ad content easily

Dynamic Creative Formats

90% of screens are video enabled

What sets us apart from other DSPs in the space

We have access to 600,000+ programmatically connected digital out of home screens from 375+ of the leading media owners in digital out of home advertising, including

Target Like Never Before

Target your real-world ads geographically on specific times for maximum effectiveness

Quantify Your Campaign's Impact

KPI performance reports are provided by Reveal Mobile, the leading audience data and performance measurement company for out-of-home advertising.

Our Reach Spans 10,000 Cities & 70+ Billion Monthly Impressions

Most Popular Digital Out-Of-Home Inventory

The number of screens & inventory is growing as more networks are connected.

Urban Panel

13,163 screens
1.9b impressions/month

Cinema (In-Theater)

5,135 screens
25.3m impressions/month

Movie Theater Cinema (Lobby)

970 screens
2.6b impressions/month

Convenience Store

41,540 screens
1.5b impressions/month

Doctors Office Waiting

26,929 screens
563.4m impressions/month

Bar/Restaurant Jukebox

38,568 screens
12b impressions/month

Bar/Restaurant TV

22,503 screens
581.5m impressions/month

Gas Station

179,612 screens
149.6m impressions/month

Grocery Store

12,693 screens
1.5b impressions/month


19,841 screens
428.4m impressions/month

Office Building

10,679 screens
1b impressions/month

Shopping Mall

7,738 screens
6.2b impressions/month

Bowling Alley

1,210 screens
252m impressions/month

RideShare/Taxi Top

2,822 screens
290.7m impressions/month

Smarter Campaigns, Better Results

Rich data drives the DOOH audience targeting, measurement and dynamic content delivers

Is the proprietary data platform that enables marketers to define their target audience and measure business outcomes across four key dimensions

Audience Targeting

Over 200 million unique users’ mobile location data is updated weekly with index scores for thousands of audience segments across all 500K DOOH screens

Point of Interest Targeting

Over 5 million points of interest for advertisers to perform proximity targeting around key locations

Re-Targeting Online/Mobile

Exposed mobile device IDs (MAIDs) are fed daily through Liveramp into the client’s activation platform of choice to re-target on mobile, online, CTV and Facebook


Using test and control methodology, measure the lift of the brand’s KPIs across footfall, website and in-app conversions lift reports

Out-Of-Home Examples - Urban Panel

Urban Panels include Electric Vehicle Chargers & Transit Stops

Out-Of-Home Examples - Rideshare Tops & In-Car

Rideshare tops & in-car represent an amazing digital OOH opportunity. Ads on the street at eye-level or in-seat screen result in maximum street-level reach.

Out-Of-Home Examples - Digital Billboards

Digital Billboards are the most popular OOH advertising

Out-Of-Home - PMP Deals - Mobile Truck Billboards

Digimatiq offers high-impact mobile OOH advertising through direct vendor relationships

Mobile billboards are the perfect solution for delivery of digital advertising in areas with no digital screen inventory. 100% share of voice means you set the message, all day.

Out-Of-Home - PMP Deals - Aerial Media

Digimatiq now offers non-traditional OOH advertising through direct vendor relationships

Expand your reach and attract your target customers with aerial billboards — perfect for the beach, major sporting events, music festivals, spring break, metro areas, college campuses...the sky’s the limit.

Out-Of-Home - PMP Deals - Digital Boat Spectacular

Digimatiq now offers non-traditional OOH advertising through direct vendor relationships

Expand your reach and attract your target customers with high-impact boat digital ads — perfect for the beach, coastal cities, major sporting events, music festivals, spring break, metro areas, college campuses...

Out-Of-Home - PMP Deals - NCAA & Collegiate

Digimatiq direct advertising through NCAA vendor relationships

We take a comprehensive approach, designing multi-media and sponsorship programs that deliver unparalleled revenue growth and exposure for our athletic and campus partners.
  • Multi-media and sponsorship sales
  • Innovative Programs & Activations
  • Campus-wide Partnerships
  • Naming Rights
  • Events & Experiential
  • Insights & Analytics

From Times Square To The Public Square

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