Receiving Suspicious Calls or Emails From A “Google Rep”?

Here’s What You Need To Know

Quite frequently, it is asked by clients why ‘Google is calling us directly’ and offering ‘free advice’… The implication being we have made such a critical error as an agency that Google feels the need to reach out to people directly and without notice.

These are not an isolated incidents, far from it. Just as the well-known digital marketer Rob Bettis writes on, “The Google rep offers a short-term, free service to optimize the account. Your client assumes you are negligent or incompetent. Any trust you have established with the client is suddenly in question. They are pissed they have paid you to underperform, and they gladly accept free help from the AdWords specialist.

Having managed a Google Premier Partner agency for a number of years, I have navigated this situation far too many times. I spoke with our Google Agency reps and anyone else who would listen. The calls kept coming, and my frustration led to an investigation.

  • Where were these calls coming from?
  • Why was Google undermining the very agency relationships they were attempting to cultivate through other teams?
  • How could/should I respond to these situations when they occur?”

We couldn’t agree more, Rob. Read the full article here.

These callers are also abrupt and make no effort to schedule time to talk. If they get you on the phone they will start talking over you and act confused when you interrupt them to question who they are.

If you are asking yourself, “Why are Google account reps spam calling me?”, or are receiving other suspicious emails or calls claiming to be from Google Ads, well, that’s because you are dealing with their outsourced sales division to increase ad spend. In this sales division, it is supposedly acceptable to allow sales reps to call phone numbers off client’s paid ads and both cost the client a click, and also sow confusion in the very product that they are supposedly trying to upsell, all while throwing their Google Certified Partner program under the bus.

You think I’m kidding? Here’s our own results.

We started noticing most of our unsolicited “Google rep” calls come from the same numbers, so we started tracking and blocking a few we identified for clients. For this one number alone, the results were 99 attempted calls including up to the day of this post.

A proper way to upsell is to become consultative in the support given through the Google Certified Partners Program. Google states one of their core value as “sustainable long-term growth and profitability are key to our success.”. This practice is practically the opposite of that (short term, low quality ad spend to boost quarterly profits) and is something that Google should end immediately.