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This client is a 3-dentist general dentistry practice in a small 60,000 person town. It was important to the client that we build upon the established brand and goodwill the practice had built in the community. The client’s overall goal is to generally increase patient revenue through targeting digital marketing, a strong website re-design that aligned with their brand and ongoing reporting to understand the results they were receiving from the marketing dollars they were investing.

Project Challenge

Mission Critical – Build out an on-brand website that reflected the personality of the dental practice, build out a paid advertising campaign and begin to rank for keywords that would generally result in new patient growth.

Project Solution

Through a mix of website overhaul, the addition of paid ads, advanced SEO tactics, lead tracking and a new PMS (patient management system), we were able to more than double the amount of inbound phone and form leads within the first year of working with this client. The results were all tracked and accessible 24/7 by the client.

Within this same time period, the client experienced a corresponding lift in patient revenue from the combination of new patient growth and patient re-marketing. The practice maintains that chair bookings have risen by 80% in the same time period.

Proven Results

The combination of digital media tools proved effective at both increasing direct patient signups and patient referrals. Increases resources devoted to branding and patient education led to increases in dentist referrals, and greater regional visibility for all services. Website, email and social integration with CRM system increased patient retention dramatically. We also created end-to-end reporting transparency on conversion and the inbound marketing cycle.

Relaunching the website with a ‘Search Engine Friendly’ framework in 2017 allowed more content to be surfaced and found on search engines, creating a dynamic approach to website content. We leveraged existing media to built upon the organic results. Within the last 6 months alone (Jan – June 2019), Organic Searches are up over 129%.

Paid digital advertising was included in the digital marketing package. We helped produce a ~1,000% increase in year-over-year conversions and reduced the cost-per-conversion down ~75% to a sub-$10 lead cost. Due to our unique and proprietary setup of paid advertising, the click volume rises ~300% annual on the same budget. In other words, we tripled the amount of clicks for the same budget in year 2.

Custom call tracking was implemented to give the practitioners greater insight into account performance and results. We were able to prove a ~200% annual growth in calls over the last 3 years.

From The Client

We received 115 new consult calls a month in 2017. In 2018, we averaged 226 new consult calls a month & now we average 481 a month in 2019! -Dr. Johnson & Dr. Smith


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