Your website has been around for a few years and it’s served you well. People call the phone number and you close the deal. The website was just there to showcase a few pictures, some words and your phone number or e-mail address. The world seemed simple.

Fast forward a few years and you’ll quickly be able to get lost in all the new technology. Meta tags? What are meta tags? HTML5? Sounds like a remake of Johnny #5. Schema? It’s not even ski season yet!

Organic Website Audits = Potential Revenue

The world moves pretty fast and in Internet time, it moves literally at the speed of light. As much as your website has served you in the past, the times are changing. Nowadays, your customers spend almost 80% of their time on the Internet doing research on the products and services they want to buy, and WILL pick your competitors if they have a more visible presence online than you.

Digimatiq Marketing offers a unique and personalized solution with our website auditing services. We aim to deliver a written audit of your website in it’s current state and identify opportunities for improvement.

We focus on key elements of your digital presence including:

  • On-page technical optimization – The fundamentals of SEO
  • Keyword positioning – How you say what you say influences how much money your website can make you.
  • Off-page optimization audit – Including a detailed breakdown of your competitive landscape.
  • Social citations & reputation audit – What your customers say about you online matters more than ever.