Google Adwords Beta Release Features

Google has added a couple of excellent features in the newest Beta release of it’s flagship product.

Income Demographic Targeting

Adwords now allows for demographic income targeting within the search & display networks. As with other demographics groups, Adwords allows the ability to set bid adjustments or exclusions for different groups. Since Adwords doesn’t use dollars metrics like Facebook, we can target income by a tiered percentage. Such as ‘top 10%’, ’11-20%’, ’21-30%’, etc.

The “lower 50%” is one group. It has yet to be seen what percent of users will qualify for income targeting vs. being grouped into the “unknown” group. It is also unknown how Google is finding this data, although some search experts are pointing towards the ‘Trusted Store’ program to deliver income data extrapolated through a consumer’s personal spending history.

Promotions Ad Extension

Next is the most exciting feature and one that brings great relief to managing seasonal marketing efforts. Google has added a new Promotion Ad Extension.

Promotions are simply temporary offers (discounts or coupons) you can run on specific products or services, for specific amounts of time. What’s more is Google has already pre-built most major American holidays & shopping occasions (Christmas, back to school, Black Friday, etc.).

Promotions include a percent or dollar amount discount, a description of the product/service, and link to the offer page. You can optionally add any qualifier (IE – minimum order value) or a promo code to a new field. Speaking on behalf of marketers everywhere, this is brilliant and a long time coming!

The Promotions extension eliminates the need to frequently & imperfectly replace creative ad copy in seasonal situations or where the marketer is constantly changing promotions. Having access to this feature alone may make it worthwhile for some advertisers to switch!

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