Don’t you sometimes secretly wish you could market your medical or legal practice the way people did twenty-five years ago? You’d hang out a shingle, put a print ad in the newspaper, pass around brochures, and wait for business to roll in. Bam, done…

For better or worse, those days are gone. Today, most solo or small practices sweep in clients and command attention through digital marketing. Unfortunately, that means developing expertise in areas that have nothing to do with your professional training.

The 6 Reasons Online Marketing Is Difficult for Doctors and Lawyers And What to Do About It

Losing The Battle

To make a success of online marketing, you need to build a modern, responsive and eye-catching website. Generate compelling and search engine optimized content. Select the right social media channels and keep them up-to-date.

And, of course, wrap up all these elements in a comprehensive marketing strategy that obtains measurable, accurate results.

As a bonus, since the internet changes every five minutes, you have to stay abreast of the latest trends and tools to make sure that strategy you’ve labored to develop hasn’t already gone obsolete.

It’s overwhelming, to say the least… You have a practice to run.

It’s tough to make digital marketing a priority when you’re busy advising patients or clients; struggling to meet payroll, drowning in paperwork, learning new skills, and juggling (what’s left of) your personal life.

But you know what?

The true root of this issue isn’t simply that there are too many things to do…you’re more likely overwhelmed because you’re not approaching it in the most effective way.

Losing The Battle

A Better Way

This short e-book will hopefully teach you how to use digital marketing more effectively and efficiently. Doctors and lawyers with solo or small practices tend to make one overarching mistake with respect to digital marketing that greatly increases their feeling of loss of control. Eliminate this problem and you’re guaranteed to feel less inundated. We talk about this mistake in the first chapter.

Beyond the “big one,” the book discusses other six time-wasting digital marketing mistakes and offers smart solutions. For example, you’ll learn how too many medical and legal professionals operate in perpetual uncertainty rather than “future proofing” their marketing, squandering both time and energy. You’ll learn why leasing your web assets rather than owning them can be an extremely costly misstep.

The book also shows how taking a cookie-cutter approach to digital marketing is an exercise likely to generate frustration rather than positive results, and how relying on marketing data that comes from anywhere but directly from the source can lead to inaccurate, time-wasting information.

You’ll also better understand why it’s essential to determine the drivers of your marketing results and how transparency in results can make your life infinitely easier. Finally, you’ll see the limitations of closed source software and the benefits of open-source flexibility.

Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted,
I just don’t know which half

The Author

Christopher Litchfield

Christopher Litchfield is the founder and CEO of Digimatiq Marketing. With over 15 years experience in the digital marketing industry, Christopher has helped build & develop strategy around thousands of marketing campaigns spanning a wide range of business categories. He is the founder of Great Online Promotions, a custom promotional products e-commerce built from the ground up, and founding partner of Future Forward Ventures, a early-stage venture capital firm.

A graduate of Elon University’s Love School of Business, Christopher quickly built upon a successful career in e-commerce and paid advertising at a time where the technology was just emerging and the marketing industry was beginning to shift to online advertising. Observing & learning from the continuing evolution of the online marketing industry has inspired a unique view of the way successful businesses leverage the growth power of the internet.

To this day, Christopher enjoys nothing more than putting this powerful set of tools to work helping successful businesses grow.


Efficiency is doing things right;
Effectiveness is doing the right things.

Efficiency is doing things right; Effectiveness is doing the right things.

Why Trust Me?

Thanks to our team’s 30+ years of combined industry experience, we have witnessed the time-consuming, money-draining digital marketing mistakes described in this book..

We do this because we have seen so many well-meaning businesses waste their money on ineffective advertising, fees they don’t need to pay, and a never-ending network of sales people selling the latest iteration of a core concept (that they themselves really know nothing about).

Moreover, through working with clients at Digimatiq, we’ve seen the success of the solutions we propose. These solutions can not only generate more website traffic, improve Google rankings, get more accurate results and boost income for medical and legal practices but significantly diminish that sense of overwhelm for the people who run those practices.

In short, you get more time focused on the work you were trained to do.

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