Major differences between Google’s Universal Analytics (UA) & Google Analytics 4 (GA4)

Google Analytics (GA) and Google Analytics 4 (GA4) are two different versions of Google’s web analytics service. GA is the older, more established platform, also known as Universal Analytics, while GA4 is the newer, more advanced version. Both tools help businesses analyze user behavior on their websites and apps, but they differ in several key … Read more

So, You Received a DMCA Notice. Now What?

Note – The opinions expressed in this article do not constitute legal advice and should not be construed as legal instruction. Our first amendment right allows us to speak about our experience with DMCA complaints and our perspective on how to treat them.  No one should consider it surprising that anyone, including business owners, ends … Read more

Digimatiq Named ‘Preferred Small Business Marketing Agency’ Of The SBE Expo

SBE Expo has selected Digimatiq Marketing as it’s preferred small business marketing agency. Alongside the American Marketing Association – Charlotte chapter, Digimatiq is excited to partner with the SBE as it allows us to boost the awareness and importance of digital marketing for businesses nationwide as well as around our corporate headquarters in Charlotte, NC. … Read more

Working Through The New Reality

In his famous book written in 1972, futurist Alvin Toffler describes ‘Future Shock’ as a “sickness which comes from too much change in too short a time; a feeling that nothing is permanent anymore; it’s the reaction to changes that happen so fast that we can’t absorb them, it’s the premature arrival of the future. For those who are unprepared its effects can be pretty devastating.”
Feels like he’s talking about 2020, right?

Receiving Suspicious Calls or Emails From A “Google Rep”?

Quite frequently, it is asked by clients why ‘Google is calling us directly’ and offering ‘free advice’… The implication being we have made such a critical error as an agency that Google feels the need to reach out to our client directly and without notice. The real answer is Google contracts with 3rd parties to ‘upsell’ existing ad accounts by suggesting edits that increase the daily spend. We don’t know why they do this either… Read more.

Google’s March 2019 Core Update Reinforces Digimatiq Marketing’s Approach To Search

On March 12th 2019, Google released a different kind of algorithmic update outside of their usual series of smaller, more incremental updates we are used to seeing. This update, officially called the ‘March 2019 Core Algorithm Update’ is a fix of sorts to the August 2018 ‘medic’ update, but also a significant improvement for websites focused on ‘User Intent’. Read more…